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Metaverse Platform

Finally. Software that your teachers and students can’t live without.

So engaging it feels like being in-person. Inspire creativity, community, collaboration, and connection with the real time internet.
Your Metaverse

Easily build, deploy, & manage your real-time experience platform

Bring people together to work, learn, and collaborate in customizable virtual worlds.
Real-Time Community

Your Customizable Platform for Real Time Connection and Community

More simultaneous participants at a lower cost than any other platform

Topia is for K-12

Bring students together to experience social community with homework club, lunchtime, tutoring worlds, physical education hour, teacher's lounge, spirit week, scavenger hunts, superintendent all-hands, and whatever else you can imagine! All within a branded virtual campus.


  • Improve student retention
  • Help students feel more connected to each other
  • Increase socialization through games and interactivity

Topia is for Higher Ed

Build digital twins of your campus and provide students with social spaces for clubs, tutors, and alumni. Create a quad for students to hang out in.  Add multiplayer games for social interaction. And embed content about your university throughout the world. Curriculum designers can test new concepts and creatives can compete in school competitions.


  • Improve student retention & content engagement
  • Help students connect more naturally
  • Increase social interaction with embedded  games and multiplayer experiences

Topia is for Tutoring

Allow your tutors, learners, & content teams to evolve 1:1 tutoring into a thriving peer tutoring community where users are able to learn from each other, interact socially with your content, and easily pick up where they left off with our first of its kind “object permanence” that is missing from Zoom.


  • Improve student learning outcomes
  • Reduce costs through peer tutoring
  • Improve efficiency; embed tools and content

Topia is for EdTech

White label the Topia technology and integrate it with your existing products using the Topia SDK. Extend your products with real time interactivity to make them stickier, drive cross-sell, create upsell opportunities, and enable innovation that doesn't require your core product team.


  • Own the IP of products & real time applications you create
  • Amplify your products by integrating into a spatial canvas
  • Add video chat and multiplayer gaming capabilities for your customers

Topia is for Corporate Learning

Transform Onboarding, Learning, Training, and self-serve into  a social experience with interactive worlds where users come and go as they please and stay connected to one another. Build custom journey-based learning programs that can be embedded into corporate all hands, team meetings, and other disconnected enterprise business process. Now, learning never ends and is a company wide community.


  • Improve employee retention
  • Provide spatial navigation for your learning content
  • Increase the strength of your organization by bringing people together across departments
Real-Time SPatial Connection

So engaging, it feels like being in person.

Navigate your avatar around the world to easily move between
audio / video conversations

Real-Time CaSE STUDY

Stride Partnered with Topia to Power K12 Zone

An interactive virtual campus that turns online school into an open-world experience
that is innovative, engaging, and safe for K-12 students
K12, a Stride company
K12 Zone Parent Resource Guide

We offer free demo worlds and paid pilots

Our pricing plans are customized to your needs.
Real-Time Capabilities


Bring thousands of people together at once in a single space

Data Security

Deploy behind your firewall to eliminate 3rd party access and counterparty risk

No-Code Design

Visual interface with pre-built components and drag-and-drop tools

Unparalleled Privacy

Patented Peer-to-Peer (P2P) encrypted audio/video connections

White Label Solution

Fully customizable to meet your needs and match your brand

Browser Based & 2.5D

Access from anywhere; no special hardware required. Meet your people where they are.

Tool Integrations

Integrate all of your existing tools like Miro, Google Suite, LMS, and many more.


Build apps and integrations with the real-time SDK
Embed & Integrate

Increase engagement and productivity with robust integrations and custom SDK apps

  • Access all your tools and relevant information when and where you need them
  • Streamline internal user experience with turnkey Single-Sign-On credentialing
  • Create custom applications and extensions via the real-time SDK, API, and webhooks
Your Metaverse Platform

Be an early adopter of the next big thing

Replace webinars, branded content, and corporate meeting tools with interactive experiences. A community engagement platform that increases retention through real-time connection.