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Increase engagement & participation at your next event.

Replace webinars, branded content, and corporate meeting tools with interactive experiences.
  • No Special Tech Needed
  • Drag & Drop Custom World Creation
  • Analyze & Improve Engagement with Analytics.
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Bring the “in-person” moments to your digital events

Attendees can quickly move between 1:1 and small-group video chat conversations and facilitate their own experiences to develop deeper connections with one another.
Take the conversation out of the Chatbox
No breakout rooms, just simple Point + Click or follow other attendees to have a private conversation or side discussion.
Don't Plan Small Talk
Unplanned conversations happen all the time in the metaverse, spatial technology allows you to connect via audio and video when you are close to another attendee.
“I felt like people were looking out for me”
Alexis Whitaker
Product Owner, Dell
Usually, webinars see an engagement only of 3% of active attendees

Customize your world to engage your audience

Increase your engagement with pre-made assets or upload your own.
Create Your First World
Enjoy peer-to-peer webRTC, with decentralized, end-to-end encrypted connections that protect your privacy
A customized branded look and feel that enhances user experience
Interactive entertainment, media, and other assets that bring people on a social journey through your content
Anyone can create a world with our our drag + drop interface.

Or hire one of our custom world builders.
Stat Break
Topia sees 42% of people stay on the platform longer than the scheduled meeting time.

Get rid of meeting fatigue

  • Currently, employees are feeling isolated, unengaged, and disconnected from their team which has caused the “Great Resignation”.
With Topia, people are active in the experience vs passively watching a screen or someone else talking the entire time.
Build a more authentic team culture with:
  • Emergent water cooler conversations
  • Daily stand-ups
  • Working sessions with colleagues using our built-in integrations
  • CEO all hands & more
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Events are not just about the speakers, They are about connections
Gauge the success of your event by looking at who interacted with your content, and the connections your attendees made.

Find out exactly how well your event performed, and take action

See what parts of your events were successful and what you could improve on.
Not enough conversations?
This could mean you need more 1-to-1 breakouts.
Attendees not sticking around?
Maybe you need to rearrange the content you are presenting.
Record & transcribe your entire event
Repurpose and use for social content or video recaps.
“Topia not only gives users the keys to the kingdom, once inside the walls it invites them to create, innovate and engage like never before."
Alexis Ohanian
Co-Founder of Reddit and Founder of Seven Seven Six
Embed & Integrate

Stream, collaborate, or showcase your work.

  • Stop working in silos, bring all of your tools into one place.
  • SSO allows for an easy internal user experience.
  • Stream your hybrid events directly in your world to have a truly immersive experience

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