Peter Bowden


Helping leaders communicate, engage, and grow thriving communities. Digital strategy, community building, small group exploration.


Coffee Hour

Welcome to Peter Bowden's virtual COFFEE HOUR space in Topia! Please use a laptop or desktop. This space features a fun hand drawn environment with proximity based video chat -- webcams are on for people near you.

Create Your World!

Enter this world and click the "CREATE YOUR TOPIA" sign to make your own for free with a capacity limit of 25 people.

Peter Bowden's Topia Lab

My Topia Lab is where I design, build, and experiment with new assets, scenes, and experiences before deploying in my other worlds. Visit my main space at

Peter Bowden's Topia Space

Welcome! I use this virtual Topia environment with proximity based-video chat in conjunction with trainings, workshops, office hours, parties, and other community events. Please join us using a desktop or laptop. See you inside!

The Construct

Celebrating the Matrix in Topia. Step into the loading program and imagine the possibilities for your own world.

The Small Group Lab

Welcome to our Topia space for Small Group Lab hosted events! We help organizations promote connection, community, and conversation online.