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Topia Welcome Lobby!

Create an account here. Your digital space to connect face-to-face in a more natural and fun way. This is a welcome lobby and not an actual private space, so anybody may enter.

Missouri Dandelion: Improving the lives of Missourians

Particularly those who suffer the most, by a twofold approach: recognizing that our governments fail to deliver on the promise of the right to life, liberty & pursuit of happiness, we work to right that wrong 1. by injecting democracy into government & 2. by seeking direct solutions to fill the gaps.


Space made for co-creation and play, created/hosted by Citizens of One Inc Cooperative. Click the in-world calendar with our 20+ weekly events. Questions? Talk to the Guide or text us at +1 (213) 397-2272.

Topia Park

Welcome to Topia Park, a Topia mega-world that includes a conference center, nightclub, athletic club, festival stage and more. It's a place where you can see many different ways to use the Topia platform, and it's open to all. Built by Topia Builders, an independent design studio and a certified partner of Topia.

Daniel Flood's Virtual Office

Welcome to my virtual office space!

Debbies Xperiments

An Isometric Pixel World

Topia NFT Gallery

Featuring various collections, NFTs and a talk featuring Alexis Ohanian of 776and Daniel Liebeskind one of the founders of Topia. For anyone who would like to feature their personal collection or a collection they work with email us at [email protected] We host anyone and everyone free of charge and are happy to talk to you about hosting any range of events in the space.

Mochi World

The most colorful place on Topia! Come on in and explore!


Explore a delightful art-filled playa with old friends and make new ones at this years Virtual Burning Man. Together, let's bend reality and authentically connect!

Let Us Design Your World

Committed to designing high-quality Topia worlds that appeal to a wide spectrum of organizations and communities.

Topia Town Hall

Join us for our biweekly Topia Town Hall. This is a great opportunity to meet the Topia Team and see what we're up to. We use this time to demo new features, answer questions, and get feedback from you!

Topia Community

Welcome to the Topia Community space! Join us every Thursday at 4pm PT / 7pm ET for our Community Happy Hour


Conference World

Quest for Greatness

We’re going back to the starting line to reimagine greatness (Part 2)

TNOC Festival

TNOC Festival pushes boundaries to radically imagine our cities for the future. A virtual festival that spans 3 full days with programming across all regional time zones and is provided in multiple languages. A core philosophy of the festival is to foster inclusivity and lower barriers to participation. The festival focuses on facilitating transdisciplinary dialogue, small group workshops, arts engagement, and fostering a collaborative spirit around solutions for how to build cities that are better for nature and all people.