General Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Make sure you're using Google Chrome web browser

  2. Check that you have WebGL / hardware acceleration enabled by going to

  3. Make sure you didn’t block your webcam or audio. If you did, Google Chrome: click on the lock icon in the URL address while in Build-A-Burn (e.g. A pop-up window will appear. Make sure “Allow” is chosen next to “Camera” and “Microphone”.

  4. Make sure you don’t have any web conferencing software open (like Zoom)

  5. Disable ad blockers and Duck-duck-go, which may prevent the platform from working properly

If all else fails

  1. Restart chrome

  2. Close other tabs / apps

  3. Try Incognito window (sometimes browser extensions interfere)

  4. Contact our team with the intercom button in the lower left on the topia page or email [email protected]

Requirement Reminders

  • Using Google Chrome Web Browser

  • Over 3mps internet speed

  • Webcam and microphone input

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