Topia 2.0: Improved UI and New Features

Topia came into existence in the most exciting of ways – as a curiosity-fueled endeavor that was quickly and collectively evolved by a…

August 17, 2021
2 minutes read

Topia came into existence in the most exciting of ways – as a curiosity-fueled endeavor that was quickly and collectively evolved by a community of passionate creators.

Over Topia's lifetime (only 16 months!) we've come together to imagine a space where we can all come together – a place that inspires us to create and connect in new ways and that tells a different story about what it means to socialize online.

This week marks an exciting milestone in Topia's evolution – and a huge leap forward into making our community's dreams a reality. That wouldn't be possible without all of you, our fellow creators...

We're overjoyed to announce the launch of a completely new user interface and improved user experience.

This is more than just a new UI. It's a complete rebuild of the Topia platform and elevates us from an interesting project into a beautiful and highly performant product. This is just the beginning for Topia; this new platform will enable us to build features and systems much faster as we accelerate into 2022.

What we're calling "Topia 2.0" reflects months of creation and exploration between our team and global community – and is only a starting point for what we have planned.

Consider this a jumping off point, an easier and more intuitive way to experience Topia.

Here are a few of the exciting updates you can expect to see... Getting Around: A redesigned menu system with new toolbar, drawer, and page system

  • Discovering Worlds: It’s easier to see what’s happening in the world your are in and to discover new worlds!
Discover public worlds in the platform
Easily toggle your world as publicly searchable or private
  • Editing Worlds: Easier to take immediate action or turn assets into experiences.
Improvements to the ever expanding creator marketplace including easier asset search
Twitch and YouTube Streaming embeds with the ability to enlarge embedded video
Embed collaborative games
  • Moderating Worlds: Look out for a heap of updates including a new list of admins in world settings too.
Can now change your billing preferences
More control over world settings
  • Connecting with Others: Not only have we redesigned user video frames, but rebuilt the technology behind it too!
Videos are now optimized for higher quality.
Videos are now square instead of rectangular, putting greater focus on people and making worlds feel more immersive.
  • New Browser Support: Beta release for Safari and Firefox browsers

Come explore Topia by dropping into our super fun Welcome World.

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