Topia is Recognized as an Official Burning Man Experience

August 05, 2020

It’s that time of year when we would normally be scrambling with last minute preparations for the playa. While a digital burn may not be what many of us wanted, it may be the burn that the world needs right now. For the first time ever, the ethos, the principles, and the community that makes Burning Man so magical is accessible to everyone, everywhere.

In collaboration with Burning Man Org and seven other digital universes, Topia is offering Build-A-Burn, an interactive web-based digital space to gather with Burners around the world. Together we’ll bend the reality of time and space, authentically connect with others in facilitated workshops, stand too close to some of your favorite DJ’s, and more.

To us, radical inclusion means that everyone should be able to attend, so we are offering Build-A-Burn as a gift to the community. All you need to attend is a browser and webcam.

Unleash Your Creativity

It’s incredibly easy to create a camp, add art, and customize everything with our tools and growing art library - anyone can easily create a unique experience to delight fellow burners.

How to Participate

All you need is a web browser and it’s completely free to participate. Just go to to create a camp or join the burn starting 8/30.

There will be live DJs on the playa throughout the week and you can go through one of the 20+ camp portals spread throughout the playa and participate in their events and activities.

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